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Professional Course in Beauty Culture / Beauty Therapy

Professional Course in Beauty Culture / Beauty Therapy

Subjects Covered & Categories

Learn: Beauty Therapy | Beauty Culture

Category: Skin & Body Care | Beauty & Makeup


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Medium of instruction:


Professional Make Up:
Day, Evening, Bridal, Cosmetic Camouflage, Concealing, Face Contouring, Model, Stage and TV Makeup, Face & Body Painting, Water proof, matt, gold and Arabic makeup.
Professional Skin Care and facials:
Japanese facial, Thermo Herb Facial, Herbal Facial, Clean-up etc. Preparation of 20 types of face packs with the use of the facial machine. Pimple treatment,  ozone, high frequency, care for various types of skin etc.
Manicure, Pedicure, Nail art, Metallic wrap, French manicure, Nail jewellery, Nail Piercing etc.
Removal of superfluous hair from hands, legs, face and underarms and preparation of wax
Threading (eyebrow shaping) and Tweezing
Hygiene/Salon Management/Salon Reception Management

Personal Hygiene, Sanitation & Sterilization, Consulting & Diagnosing techniques, Client care & Consultation, Professional Ethics, How to deal with clients and to manage a Beauty Salon efficiently.