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N.T.T. (Nursery Teacher’s Training)

Why N.T.T. ?

      Nursery Teacher’s Training is designed as per Guideline of N.C.E.R.T. New Delhi Enabling Trained Teachers to get better Jobs and Training of dealing with children with psychologically and motivate them for their physical, mental and spiritual growth.

      Various convent, Nursery and public Schools often request for G.R.D.O. trained Teachers for appointment in various School offering handsome salaries.

             The Aim of the Organization is to Provide Primary Training to Teach Students in a significant manner. Candidates with two Year N.T.T.  Trained can teach up to Primary Classes without passing Graduation. Those  who have  already  passed  N.T.T. one Year course, can also apply for Second Year N.T.T. Course to  Avail  benefit of  Becoming  eligible to  teach  upper  classes  also. Scope of Nursery Teachers Training is Unlimited.

 Important Information

          Candidate seeking admission to this course is advised to consult this prospectus & its General rules & have to following these strictly. If a student does not follow the rules and regulations of the Institution and misbehave with the students or staff members or adopt illegal methods or anti-institute activities, she/he will be liable to strict disciplinary action culminating intro rustication.

We give you the best but to not give you the guarantee of service, it depends on your hard labor however the reputation of our Institute helps you in getting a better salaried job, you will also develop self - confidence for opening & Running Nursery School, Training Centers, Every course make you Self - dependent & must run successfully own business related

with your courses.

 N.T.T. -01 (Nursery Teacher’s Training)

Pre-Primary Teacher’s Training (P.T.T.)

ONE Year & TWO Years Diploma Course

The Aims of Nursery Teacher’s Training Programme is to prepare teachers for Pre-Primary Schools, so that they are able to:

 (A) Develop the understanding of principles and process of various aspects of child’s growth and plan educational activities accordingly.

 (B) Develop an understanding of the various tools and techniques of child study.

 (C) Be aware about role of parents and community in education of pre-school and early primary School Children.

 (D) Familiarize with methods, equipment and material of early childhood care and education with their effective use.

 Eligibility :  1. Intermediate / 10 + 2

2. For Direct II Year Admission:  Must have passed one (1st) Year NTT of 6 / 7 Paper Syllabus from any Registered Institute in any Year

 Educational Structures


First (Ist) Year

 THEORY                                          MARKS :                          PRACTICAL                                                     MARKS :  

1 Paper : (a) Child Psychology                    50                          1 Paper :  (a) Preparation of Teaching Aids e.g      50

(b) Child Care & Health                            50                                   (b) Rhymes, Action Songs, Speeches        

2 Paper : Sociology & Guidance                100                        2 Paper : Art & Craft                                              100

3 Paper : School Organization                  100                        3 Paper : Art File & Other File                              100

4 Paper : Principles of Education             100                        4 Paper : Art & Craft                                              100

5 Paper : Education Psychology                100                        5 Paper : VIVA-VOCE                                               50

6 Paper : Modern Methods of Teaching    100                        6 Paper : Internal Assessment                               50

7 Paper : Method of Teaching Sub.          100                        7 Paper : Computer Awareness, Literary/Knowled  50

          & Computer Education


Final (IInd) Year

 THEORY                                                        MARKS :           PRACTICAL                                                      MARKS : 

1  : Advanced Educational Psychology                100                  1. : Lesson Plans Practical & Micro Teaching             100

2 : Physical, Health & Nutrition                        100                 2 : Project Work                                                        100

3 : Personality Devel & Human Relations          100                 3 : Methods of Creative Teaching, Art & Craft        100

4  : Advanced Teacher Education                      100                4 : Case Studios                                                          50

5  : Intelligence Communication Skill                100                5: Group Discussion / Speech Presentation                50

6  : Computer Edu. & Environmental Studies    100                6 : VIVA / Computer Awareness                                 50

7  : School Organizations & Administration      100                7 : Internal Assessment                                              50


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